Oscars Predictions and Major News!


I just want to give a huge welcome to a new reviewer coming onto our team.


My sweet ginger brother Colby King! He will be our TV correspondant bringing you reviews on all the hit shows that you may or may not know about!  He is super and you should read his stuff.  He is, after all, the KING.

His first review will be coming this week for PULP FICTION!


Its been a great year for film and with the Oscar’s coming up I thought we would do an article giving our picks for most of the nominations!

I am going to posting a downloadable ballet soon for all our viewers to use for the Oscars, you can play with your friends as you watch the award show!

I won’t waste any time lets get right into it.

Best Picture Nominations

Jesse’s Pick – The Revenant, (its anyone’s game here, except for Bridge of Spies)

Blake’s Pick – Mad Max: Fury Road (hoping for The Revenant)


Best Actor in a Leading Role

Jesse’s Pick – Leonardo DiCaprio

Blake’s Pick – Leonardo DiCaprio


Best Actress in a Leading Role

Jesse’s Pick – Brie Larson

Blake’s Pick – Saorise Ronan


Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Jesse’s Pick – Sylvester Stallone

Blake’s Pick – GIVE IT TO SLY!!!!!!!!!


Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Jesse’s Pick – Kate Winslett

Blake’s Pick – Rachel McAdams


Best Animated Film

Jesse’s Pick – Inside Out (although Anomolisa could easily win also)

Blake’s Pick – Inside Out


Best Director

Jesse’s Pick – Alejandro G. Inarittu (both hoping for George Miller)

Blake’s Pick – Alejandro G. Inarittu


Best Cinematography

Jesse’s Pick – The Revenant

Blake’s Pick – The Revenant


Best Film Editing

Jesse’s Pick – Mad Max: Fury Road

Blake’s Pick – Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Best Visual Effects

 Jesse’s Pick – Mad Max

Blake’s Pick – Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Best Original Soundtrack

Jesse’s Pick – The Hateful 8

Blake’s Pick – The Hateful 8


Best Adapted Screenplay

Jesse’s Pick – The Big Short

Blake’s Pick – The Martian


Best Original Screenplay

Jesse’s Pick – Spotlight (Even though Ex Machina was my favorite movie of the year, Spotlight was the best screenplay of the year)

Blake’s Pick – Ex Machina


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