Jesse’s Take: The Baddest Boy in Marvel

Deadpool (2016)

Director – Tim Miller

Writers – Rheet Reese, Paul Wernick

Starring – Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein, TJ Miller

Rating – R (Extreme Language, Violence, Graphic Nudity)

Genre – Action, Comedy

Metascore – 64/10

Rotten Tomatoes – 84%




Now that only the dirty people are left, let’s cook the chimichangas. Just kidding. Everyone’s dirty, but only certain people will enjoy the jokes in this movie. Holy butthole, this movie was absolutely hilarious, especially if you like backseat school bus jokes.  Coming straight from “Some Douchebag Director” Tim Miller and Hollywood’s sexiest superstar Ryan Reynolds, we get Deadpool done abso-freaking-lutely right.  

This is NOT another superhero movie.  It breaks every convention and structure that has been made for superhero movies, and it is executed with the largest cojones I have seen in recent history.  You can tell how much the writers loved making this movie–they stayed true to the essence of Deadpool and righted all wrongs that have been made (X-Men: Origins, anyone?) The writing for this film is unique in comparison with most films because the writers chose not to structure it in chronological order. It made an origin story original by interweaving action and story. If you happened to see this leaked footage years ago and loved every second of it, you will love the film too, because they use the same footage (cleaned up of course.)

Something unexpected that came in this large package of a movie was a love story.  Most groan at the thought of romance in a Deadpool movie.  BUT, they execute the romance to perfection.  His lover, Vanessa, is just as raw, rad and wisecracking as Wade Wilson.  Morena Baccarin as Vanessa brings a necessary flair to make this love story work, and she excels in her role.  Ryan Reynolds was not only born for this role, I think he might possibly be Deadpool in real life.  He has been eager to make right his superhero track record of Green Lantern, Blade III, and Deadpool in X-Men: Origins, and he brings a maximum-effort performance.

There are few flaws that I found in this movie.  While the CGI is excellent, it is disappointing that so little of the action was real.  I was hoping for more stunts, but most of the fighting was almost entirely computer-generated. The pace is very quick and the story is delivered by Deadpool breaking the fourth and literally taking us to the next plot point.  This wouldn’t work in any other film, but because of its self-awareness, it works seamlessly.  Although the plot is lacking it is made up with attitude, playing to both its advantage and disadvantage. The villain Ajax (Ed Skrein) is average, better than some but definitely not the best. Ajax’s powers are also confusing–they are never really explained, and they don’t play any part in the movie. Essentially he is a strong dude who can’t feel pain with fast reflexes.  The motives of all the characters are shallow, but Deadpool and his comrades aren’t exactly complex characters.  The last issue I have has to do with some of Wade Wilson’s motives with his fiancee Vanessa. He shows a cowardice that doesn’t make sense in light of his over-the-top, carefree and extremely confident character.

In conclusion, this is a dope movie. Oh, and it’s friggin’ hilarious.

Jesse’s rating: 8.2 / 10

Author : Jesse Ingram



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