Take the Blake: Happy Valentines from Deadpool

Deadpool (2016)

Director – Tim Miller

Writers – Rheet Reese, Paul Wernick

Starring – Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein, TJ Miller

Rating – R (Extreme Language, Violence, Graphic Nudity)

Genre – Action, Comedy

Metascore – 64/10

Rotten Tomatoes – 84%


Before you go see this movie you need to ask yourself a question, well, two questions really. First, am I taking my kids to see this? If the answer is yes, abort. Second question, are you going to see a Marvel super hero movie or a movie about Deadpool? If you answer the latter, you’re in the clear; the former, and you might be up creek. I had marginal excitement to see this movie but it was matched by my marginal weariness towards it. I got what I expected for the most part and was let down in some areas. Everyone who’s read anything on the film knows that Deadpool offers three things that we haven’t received from any super hero movie to date: Violence to the extreme, lots of profanity, and graphic nudity. I’ll address what each contributes to this remarkably thin origin-story.

The violence is as over the top as I had hoped and more. It made the movie enjoyable for me. Why? It was over-the-top enough to realize it wasn’t real. The opening sequence shows a man, at high speeds, being thrown into an overpass sign on the highway with visceral results. Seriously, it was awesome.

The profanity I don’t have a major issue with, just remember, kids emulate “heroes”, so if you’re all right with your kids saying “f***nugget” you’re in the clear. There is actually some smart humor in the film that is aiming at the older audience that tickled my funny bone. But by-and-large, it just has more swears than your average Marvel movie.

The nudity is where I start to get prickly. Most of it in the movie is unwarranted and you get the sense that the filmmakers just wanted to see Stan Lee as a strip club DJ (granted, pretty funny). But the fact that our crew ends up in a strip club in the first place is just a sign of overreaching on the film’s part, shock-jock-ing as it were. There is a clever montage, its sexual nature aside, that very humorously develops the characters while simultaneously showing time passing for the plot.

Bottom line: This movie has a lot of flare and little substance; salt with no grit; bark with no bite; cholula without the chimichanga.

Regrettably though, and I do mean regrettably, despite all of this films 4th wall breaking and envelope pushing, by the end it still manages to feel like the same old Marvel movie (trite villains, underdeveloped characters). It cracks wise of other Marvel movies early on and still ends up following suit. One of the things that got me excited about the movie was its intro of the X-Men and the word “mutant” into Marvel movies, first time for that. And, as I’ve said before the violence was awesome. Reynolds for his part did well, but that’s like saying James Earl Jones did well as Vader, who else could have played him? See it. Don’t see it. I don’t care.

Blakes rating : 6.2 / 10

Author : Blake Burrough

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