A Revival of the Story

Stories are the basic foundation of all culture. Whether it’s as small a structure as an immediate family or as large a structure as an entire country, stories are how we relate to and learn from each other. Stories form religions, stories form political systems, stories form everything in our lives. It’s no vast wonder why our culture and many others are so particularly engaged with a medium like movies. I will never grow tired of my affection for movies because at the core of every single movie is a story that informs, educates and exposes me.


A lot has changed since I last churned out 499 words about a film. I moved across the country, started my second year of marriage, and started gaining my second year of marriage weight, but my love and devotion to learning and talking about movies has not wavered. Nine months have passed since I have logged into my WordPress account, but things have changed, and I have now been blessed with brain space to devote my time and energy to this website. I couldn’t be more excited.. I love to talk  about my love for movies and how they affect me, and hopefully you do as well.

With the revival of the 499 we will also be featuring some new mediums of content (albums, soundtracks, books, video games, you name it). We are going to feature all sorts of stories because at the core of our passion for movies is a passion for stories. Thank you for reading, and we hope that you will jump back in the mix with us!

Our next article will be a blast of reviews from 2016 to catch us back up to speed!

Author: Jesse Ingram

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