499 // Comics!

With studios making films left and right based on comic book heroes and anti-heroes, we wanted to give our readers list of comics to consider. It’s not a “best of” list; it’s not even a “comics that inspired…” list. It’s a list of thought-provoking, highly engaging comics we enjoy!


Astonishing X-Men – Recommended by Matt Welborn

Astonishing X-Men is a magnificent, mostly self-contained story of some of the most well-known X-Men in history. It is written by Joss Whedon and illustrated by John Cassaday. You may be familiar with Joss Whedon since he wrote and directed Avengers. As a result, it’s not only great with characterization; it’s also funny. Kitty Pryde became one of my favorite comic book heroes, and I’ve been reading a few more X-Men comics since finishing.


Saga – Recommended by Jesse Ingram

Saga, by Image Comics, is helmed by the infinitely brilliant writer, Brian Vaughn and wonderfully bright artist, Fiona Staples. This sci-fi indie story follows an interracial couple and their child, whose birth was said to be impossible. Saga is striking because it is so otherworldly, but retains every bit of relatability and humanity. Vaughn comments heavily on racism, tragedy, and hope in his story. Our characters suffer in an utterly depraved universe but find hope in their love for each other and in their child as a product of that. Along the way there are tons of fun adventures as our characters escape their pursuers as well a ton of wild monsters and planets. Saga is, by far, the most impactful story I have read in years and keeps me laughing while challenging me to think differently and love harder.


East of West – Recommended by Alex Greenwood

East of West is a sci-fi western story set in an alternate universe where the United States never ended the Civil War, and the impending apocalypse that is hovering over the nation. It follows the four horsemen of the apocalypse as they set to end the world. It has an incredible, unique art style that Image comics is so good at producing. The story is dark and gritty, almost disturbing at points, but simultaneously gripping and exciting. If you like indie comics that are off the beaten path of superheroes and Star Wars, check out East of West.


Amazing Spider-Man: Edge of Spiderverse Recommended by Josh Johnson

Spider-Man has stood as one of Marvel’s classic heroes for generations, and for the majority of the character’s time in publication, the man behind the mask has been Peter Parker. Edge of Spiderverse is a prelude to a storyline that upends all of that, introducing readers to the multiverse, full of thousands of kinds of Spider-Men and Women (and pigs….seriously). This prelude introduces us to this multiverse through five unique stories that even span unexpected genres. Each story has a unique feel, from the punk rock vibes of Spider-Gwen, to the Spider-Man-meets-Akira styling of Sp//dr. It’s a really fun read that sets up an even more exciting event in the Spider-Man universe!