Skyscraper: Rocks Fall Fast

Skyscraper (2018)

Director – Rawson Marshall Thurber

Writer –   Rawson Marshall Thurber

Starring – Dwayne Johnson

Rating – PG-13

Genre – Action

Metascore – 51/100

Rotten Tomatoes – 50%


Dwayne Johnson clearly has the mass populous of America in is hand, which is reflected in his status as the highest paid actor in the world. That, however, does not give him the ability to make any and every movie a success. Skyscraper marks “The Rock’s” smallest opening in a leading role. Is his charm finally wearing off? Or is this movie simply awful?

There is no disputing that Johnson knows who he is, he has a clear identity and wheelhouse as an actor. Johnson edges a bit out of his territory in Skyscraper with a more serious role but the film could have benefited from a bit more of his charm. This movie really struggled in the box office in its opening two weeks, mainly because of its content. That however does not mean that Johnson’s career is over, but that maybe people are tired of passable movies that borrow too much from other stories.


Without Johnson, Skyscraper could have aired on the Syfy channel without anyone batting an eye. It struggles to find its identity as a film, split between a heist and a natural disaster movie. All the characters feel like placeholders with no flavor and Johnson simply runs from stunt to stunt until the movie ends. These movies come out every year, (Point Break, Taken 2, etc.) and they will continue to come out every year. They are mindless collections of reused stunts, character archetypes and cliche plots; but every once in a while we get a fresh take on the genre (Casino Royale, Taken, The Bourne Trilogy) and those are the moments we wait for!


Pacing is where Skyscraper finds its strength. It glides from scene to scene, without wasting time.  Its streamline and simplistic plot made this movie fun because it truly wasn’t trying too hard to be something other than what it was. This breakneck pace fits the extremity of its premise. This movie is packed with action; we jump from windows to crashing through elevators and so much more. It knows how to do stunts, but most of the time the CGI doesn’t support its endeavors. With as large of a budget that this film had, I expected to see a spectacle of effects. What I got was made for television garbage that felt cheap.

The easiest way I could explain this movie is that it felt like test footage, but they added Dwayne Johnson in post production. Nothing feels real or genuine, everything here has been done before. Skyscraper fails to excel in much aside from its stride as a film, taking no breaks and wasting no time. Johnson has had a ton of recent success but Skyscraper shows that the acting god can bleed.

Author: Jesse Ingram

499 Rating: 4 / 10