The Nun: Conjuring Horror Again

The Nun (2018)

Director – Corin Hardy

Writer – Gary Dauberman, James Wan

Starring –  Demián Bichir, Taissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet

Rating – R

Genre – Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Metascore – 46/100

Rotten Tomatoes – 29%

The Nun first caught my eye with jump-scare advertisements that haunted YouTube for months leading up to its release. It looked different than the other horror films that have graced our theaters lately by promising answers to questions within the Conjuring universe, such as the origin of the nun, and they were given.

The film opens with two nuns creeping through fog-filled catacombs, clutching a sacred key. One is suspensefully dragged into the darkness and the other commits a dramatic suicide. In turn, the Vatican sends Father Burke and Sister Irene to investigate in order to see if the abbey remains a holy site. They enter the dilapidated abbey and find it completely empty. As night falls, the three main characters run into different problems that they face alone, whether having a nightmare, being attacked by the ghost of the nuns, or being buried alive; suspense was ever present.


Having seen the other films in the Conjuring universe, The Nun definitely cleared up the many unanswered questions. Even with that premise, it was still a typical horror film. It toys with the seclusion of Bulgaria in a place that is basically still in the Stone Age. The people of the village know there was something evil in the abbey and they do not dare to venture near it, leaving our protagonists completely alone. The film plays with many of the ominous symbols of typical horror films such as ravens, crosses, stereotypical religious practices, and stumbling around old hallways with only the light of a lantern to guide you. These symbols were scary, but very cliché at the same time.


The acting was very good at times. Demián Bichir was supposed to play a “priest with a past,” one that haunted him throughout the remainder of the film, yet his performance fell short. Bichir seemed only to portray that part of his character when it suited him, and at times it seemed that we, the audience, were clueless as to what his character was actually like. Taissa Farmiga was playing this soon-to-be nun who had visions that seemed to alter her reality. In general, she has a very dry acting style that suited this role very well. Jonas Bloquet, who played “Frenchie,” the film’s comic relief, embodied his character well with clever one-liners, and his charming personality.

As a whole, it was your typical jump-scare horror film that used its advertisements to build up suspense for what was to come. In full, it did not live up to expectations that had been set for it from advertisements. It was almost as if the creators expected good ratings from The Nun because of successes in other films in the past.

Author: Addison Kubicek

499 Rating: 6 / 10